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The aim of HD TV Antenna Labs is to provide unbiased hd antenna reviews, technical articles and antennas comparison.

Before buying an HD antenna, make sure you read our HDTV antenna selection guide and HDTV antenna reviews written by us and other antenna owners like you! Our aim is to assist you in choosing the best antenna for your HDTV system. Then, use our search form to compare prices on HD antennas in numerous online stores and let us bring to you the best deal available!

Step-by-step HD antenna selection guide
Decide what you need. Compare prices in dozens of online stores. Buy.

HDTV Antenna Reviews

The highest customer rated HDTV antennas (only antennas having more than 3 reviews are shown):

Antenna Placement Directivity Amplifier Band Area Total Reviews Average Rating
RCA ANT751 Outdoor Directional No VHF/UHF Red 4010 4.6 Read reviews
1byone OUS00-0566 Indoor Multi Yes VHF/UHF 4300 4.1 Read reviews
AntennasDirect C2-V-CJM Indoor/Outdoor Multidirectional No VHF/UHF 1625 4.3 Read reviews

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FREE Over-the-Air High Definition Television

Over the air HDTV is not only FREE. Its quality is far superior to that of the paid satellite/cables HDTV programming. You really do NOT "get what you pay for" and it is an absolutely unique product in that sense. Over-the-air HDTV can be received using a regular TV antenna. Not a digital antenna, not an hdtv antenna, just a plain old-fashioned tv antenna. We help you choose the best antenna for digital TV with unbiased hdtv antenna reviews, technical articles and antennas comparison.

TV Antenna GeoSelector - Video tutorial

With the TV Antenna Selector you can find the broadcasts available in your area, the channels, the bands and all the information you need to choose the best antenna for your area and to maximize your over-the-air reception potential.

Check out the TV antenna selection video, it should give you an idea how to use the tool to find the best TV antenna for your area.

TV Antenna Articles

Mounting an outdoor TV antenna
Quick tips on mounting your outdoor HDTV antenna for the best reception.

HDTV Antenna... Are you kiddin' me?!
Why there is no such thing as an HDTV antenna. Digital antennas are a myth we are trying to dispel in this article. On the digital TV antenna hype.

HD Antenna - Making the Right Choice
General guidelines on HD antenna selection.

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