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RCA ANT1020 Off-Air HDTV Antenna


Placement: Indoor
Amplifier: No
ANT1020 reviews: 15
ANT1020 rating: 2.9 out of 5 (average)
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RCA ANT1020 Description

The RCA ANT1020 is an indoor high definition/digital television compatible antenna that packs a large punch in its small size. Designed with those in mind who live near to broadcast towers, the ANT1020 delivers exceptional broadcast at the highest quality possible on HD-ready televisions.

The ANT1020 features adjustable, retractvable VHF dipoles that extend to 39� to improve VHF channel reception. Meanwhile the UHF loop helps pull in and enhance reception of UHF channels.

If you are concerned about ghosting because of congested areas with many obstructions the RCA ANT1020 uses the latest in antenna technology to isolate ghost signals and make sure they don�t interfere with stronger, directed signals.

The narrow design of the ANT1020 fits most television cabinets and entertainment centers. The unit can also optionally be installed inside cabinets and on shelves to further hide it from public view without sacrificing television quality.

Thousands of people are already enjoying the benefits of high definition television without paying a dime thanks to the 1,500 plus off-air high definition broadcasts that are appearing in large metropolitan areas everywhere.