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RCA ANT121 Off-Air HDTV Antenna


Placement: Indoor
Amplifier: No
ANT121 reviews: 594
ANT121 rating: 3.9 out of 5 (good)
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RCA ANT121 Description

If you have local off-air broadcasts of high definition television in your area and don�t want to spend a fortune or go through the hassle of installing an outdoor antenna then the RCA ANT121 might be the perfect solution for you. Designed for those who live within 20 miles of the broadcast source, the ANT121 is a go-getter when it comes to picking up high definition signals.

The RCA ANT121 works in conjunction with your cable or satellite system to let you enjoy both analog and high definition broadcasts. It makes a wonderful backup source during satellite signal loss or cable downtime. The ANT121 is designed by RCA for the best possible reception of HDTV signals at an affordable price.

Designed to go the distance, the RCA ANT121 features a 12-position switch for fine tuning as well as 39� retractable VHF dipoles and an adjustable UHF loop. Its compact pre-assembled design allow it to go anywhere inside the house without taking up space or distracting from the aesthetic quality of a room.

The perfect antenna for those who want to begin enjoying high definition broadcasts and live within the city limits where line of sight is not obstructed to the broadcast tower.

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