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RCA ANT3036X Off-Air HDTV Antenna


Placement: Outdoor
Amplifier: No
Range: 60 miles
Color area: Blue
ANT3036X reviews: 95
ANT3036X rating: 3.8 out of 5 (good)
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RCA ANT3036X Description

The RCA ANT3036X is a 36-element UHF/VHF/FM antenna designed to pull in high definition broadcast signals from up to 65 miles away. Hundreds of metropolitan areas are offering high definition and digital broadcasts of local programming and if you own a HD-ready television then you owe it to yourself to see what you have been missing. Even if you live on the far fringes of broadcast signal range, the ANT3036X uses legendary RCA technology to deliver crisp, clear pictures like never before possible.

The unique design of the RCA ANT3036X boosts both UHF and VHF signals while rejecting ghost signals and discarding weaker signals that could interfere with reception quality. This is especially important when you live over 30 miles from the broadcast source. The 36-element design and 90” boom length focus in on the strongest signal for amazing signal strength and reception.

You can install this anywhere, including on rooftops and pole masts. Designed for suburban dwellers where line of sight to the broadcast source may be obstructed, the ANT3036X uses advanced technology and design to pick up only the highest quality signals.

Thanks to the one-piece design, the swing-out snap-lock elements stay in place for years of worry-free maintenance. The entire antenna is coated to protect it from wind and ice build-up that may reduce high definition signal quality.

Enjoy the clarity of high definition television today and see what you have been missing with the RCA ANT3036X. You will never want to watch analog television again! Installation instructions and additional technical data can be found in the RCA ANT3036X user manual.