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Terk HDTVi Off-Air HDTV Antenna

Terk HDTVi

Placement: Indoor
Amplifier: No
Range: 35 miles
HDTVi reviews: 263
HDTVi rating: 3.6 out of 5 (good)
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Terk HDTVi Description

9 out of every 10 households are now able to receive free over the air HDTV signals. All that is required is an HDTV (or set-top box with a HD-ready television) and an antenna, such as the Terk HDTVi, to be able to enjoy these enhanced quality broadcasts.

While most antennas are so large they have to be mounted outside or in the attic, many apartment dwellers and condo owners don’t have this option. In addition, many people simply don’t want to have to install an antenna outside their home because of appearance concerns. With Terk’s new HDTVi antenna you don’t have to worry about mounting and installation. The antenna is a stand-alone, indoor unit that won’t take up your entire living room!

Optimized for both UHF and VHF reception, the HDTVi is designed for optimum HDTV reception with a design that uses log-periodic elements and dipoles for receiving UHF and VHF HDTV stations.

With flexible cable management and the ability to mount the cable in either the front or back of the unit, the HDTVi makes it a snap to setup and attach to your set-top box or HDTV.