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Terk TV-5 Off-Air HDTV Antenna

Terk TV-5

Placement: Indoor
Amplifier: Yes
TV-5 reviews: 202
TV-5 rating: 3.5 out of 5 (average)
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Terk TV-5 Description

Terk�s TV-5 amplified indoor antenna let�s you enjoy UHF and VHF broadcasts with clarity. Thanks to a low-noise broadband amplifier you will enjoy a simple one-touch adjustment for all stations, and a selectable amplifier bypass to prevent over-modulation of stronger signals.

The built-in controls allow you to choose the right amount of amplification of weaker signals, while helping you to not over-amplify signals that don�t need boosting. The antenna includes Terk�s Complementary Symmetry technology that incorporates a pair of tuned receiving elements for outstanding reception range and crystal-clear clarity of broadcast channels.

Designed with a long-life span in mind, the TV-5 is constructed to be sturdy and versatile. The non-skid base and included 6-foot, 75ohm cable lets you place the TV-5 on-top, behind or even beside most televisions including larger models. It will even fit inside most TV cabinets and other enclosures.

The TV-5 includes an integrated video selector switch allows you to easily switch between the antenna and any connected video components at a simple touch of a button. This unique feature lets you have multiple items hooked up to televisions that provide only one input source. Installation instructions and additional technical data can be found in the Terk TV-5 user manual.