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Terk TV-55 Off-Air HDTV Antenna

Terk TV-55

Placement: Indoor/Outdoor
Amplifier: Yes
Amplifier Gain: 10 dB
Color area: Light Green
TV-55 reviews: 99
TV-55 rating: 2.9 out of 5 (average)
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Terk TV-55 Description

Terk�s TV-55 is a high-performance indoor/outdoor antenna engineered specifically to enhance the performance of high definition television over-the-air broadcasts as well as regular UHF and VHF broadcasts. The TV-55�s helical antenna element can blend in with any surrounding to the point that many people will never notice it is there! It does all this without compromising the ability to capture low-frequency broadcasts.

The Terk TV- can be mounted or placed anywhere both outside and inside. Its unobtrusive, slim-profile design will blend in with almost any surrounding. The TV-55 can be installed under roof overhangs, windowsills, terraces or on a roof-top. Inside it can be mounted on a wall, in a closet, on a bookcase or any location regardless of distance from the TV. Because of its low-profile design the TV-55 can even be mounted on top of an RV or, with the special marine version, on a boat!

The TV-55 features a dual-mode ultra low-noise amplifier that allows for maximum reception. The amplifier can be set to high-gain mode to correct for signals that are too weak or bypassed altogether for optimum reception of strong signals and HD broadcasts. The amplifier element is connected directly to the antenna for the shortest signal path and lowest noise interference. To provide for the highest quality signal transmission, the Terk TV-55 includes a threaded F-connector for direct connection to an RG6 cable.