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Winegard HD7084P Off-Air HDTV Antenna

Winegard HD7084P

Placement: Outdoor
Amplifier: No
Range: 100 miles
Color area: Blue
HD7084P reviews: 7
HD7084P rating: 4.1 out of 5 (good)
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Winegard HD7084P Description

Just because you live on the fringe of broadcast reception doesnít mean you canít enjoy free over-the-air HD and digital broadcasts. With the Winegard Platinum HD7084P even those up to 80 miles away can enjoy the clear, crisp quality of HD television!

The Winegard HD7084P is a 28 element VHF, 40 element UHF off-air HD/digital tv antenna designed for suburban areas where the signal may be up to 80 miles away from the broadcast source. Now you can enjoy free, over-the-air broadcasts of local channels and other programming with clarity never before available for broadcast transmissions.

Stop paying for HDTV broadcasts from your satellite and cable company and start enjoying free broadcasts of most major networks and affiliate programming. Across the country over 1,500 HD broadcasts are now available for free when you use the appropriate HD/digital antenna such as the HD7084P. You wonít believe your eyes the first time you see a clear, crisp HD broadcast.

The Winegard 7084P delivers powerful VHF performance and up to a 2dB higher gain on VHF and UHF channels compared with traditional antennas. This helps improve reception when you may be in an area that is outside the optimum signal range or have weak signals due to other interference.

With 68 total active elements coated with zinc to protect them from the elements, the 7084P is constructed of high tensile aluminum and steel hardware. The included 75ohm coupler simply snaps into place for fast, easy assembly. The entire unit comes pre-assembled so you can be setup and enjoying HD broadcast in no time.

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