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Winegard YA-1026 Off-Air HDTV Antenna

Winegard YA-1026

Band: VHF
Placement: Outdoor
Amplifier: No
Range: 25 miles
Color area: Blue

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Winegard YA-1026 Description

You have a new high definition television and now you want to join the digital revolution and enjoy your favorite shows in a clarity never before experienced on TV. The Winegard YA-1026 makes this possible by letting you enjoy HD and digital over-the-air broadcasts that are available in many localities free of charge.

The YA-1026 is a low-band (Ch.2 6) antenna designed for those who live in cities or other metropolitan areas where the transmission tower is within 15-25 miles of their house. The 10 active elements are coated with a special polymer that ensures a long-lifespan, and also helps deliver ongoing broadcast quality even in a wide range of weather conditions.

Lock-tight reflector hardware and a wrap-around mast clamp make the factory preassembled Winegard YA-1026 a snap to install. With a 96.25 turning radius and 160 boom length this antenna can be directed towards the strongest signals, or combined with an optional remote turning mount.

The YA-1026 is the perfect solution for city dwellers who want to enjoy HD broadcasts of most major network channels that are usually located in the low-band range.

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