Philips Develops New White Space Broadband Technology

July 20, 2008 – 12:14 pm, posted by Shannon

Philips Electronics has reported to the FCC that it has developed a technology that will make it possible for consumers to create home networks that allow the transmission of wireless HDTV among the various rooms in their homes. In addition, the company claims this technology makes it possible for consumers to link devices such as HVAC systems and telephones together.

Philips claims that the new technology offers a “fully operational white space broadband system” that is capable of sensing and avoiding incumbent users. At the same time, it can transmit HDTV signals over empty channels. In short, it can detected the wireless mic signal of newly incumbent users and can then switch to a different channel that is open without causing interruption to the HDTV transmission.

The system accomplishes this by continually scanning and sensing UHF spectrums in order to find used channels. It also has a “cognitive operation” feature that allows network nodes to jump to white space channels that are available.

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