Consumers Becoming Increasingly Disgruntled with Television Customer Service Centers

July 22, 2008 – 2:27 pm, posted by Shannon

According to a recent survey, computers are getting quite fed up with customer service representatives for television providers. In fact, the industry came in last place when it came to customer satisfaction, even falling behind computer companies and insurance companies. In addition, the industry fell 3 percent since the survey was taken last year, which demonstrates that the industry is certainly going in the wrong direction. In all, customer service representatives within the television industry scored a 66 out of a possible 100 points.

Of those participating in the survey, 20% said that satellite and cable customer service representatives were unable to resolve their issues. For the purpose of the survey, the two services were placed in one category. According to the survey representative, however, cable companies actually did worse than satellite companies.

The consumers that participated in the survey also indicated that cable and satellite companies were becoming less effective at handling their issues. The respondents also stated that the companies seemed increasingly less interested in helping them with their issues and that they seemed less knowledgeable and incapable of discussing the issues clearly.

According to the survey, one of the problems appears to be the fact that a growing number of cable and satellite companies are deciding to have their calls handled by overseas call centers. In addition, the fact that more complicated questions are being asked by consumers has made it more difficult for customer service representatives to properly handle the calls.

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