Why Did HD DVD Lose To Blu-Ray?

July 23, 2008 – 2:58 pm, posted by Oliver

For those of you who don’t know, about a year or so ago, a fierce battle was raging to claim the future of video recording material and the machines videos are played on. The battle was between Blu-Ray, which is quickly taking over from DVD as the industry standard, and HD DVD, which was basically a step up from your basic DVDs.

Everyone originally thought that HD DVD would take over from DVD, primarily because it built on principles that we were already familiar with. Everyone owned an entire collection of DVDs, and HD was the next generation of broadcasting, so HD DVD seemed a logical advancement.

The future seemed set when the promotional group behind HD DVD approached FOX with a deal for the TV company to join HD DVD exclusively, and FOX seemed certain to agree to the deal, while Warner Brothers was also planning on going to HD DVD rather than Blu-Ray.

However, Sony had already announced that their upcoming console, the PlayStation 3, was to use Blu-Ray discs and play Blu-Ray films, using a Blu-Ray player. In fact, the entire machine relied on Blu-Ray, to the extent that the console could flop if support for Blu-Ray petered out.

So, Sony gave Warner Brothers a rumoured $500million pay-off, to get them to drop their plans for HD DVD and switch to Blu-Ray as Sony had chosen to do, and worrying they’d be left behind, FOX followed suit.

To sum up, Blu-Ray won the battle due to blatant corporate bribes. And I thought these companies were regulated.

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