Adult Consumers Still Prefer Watching Television the Traditional Way

July 24, 2008 – 1:13 pm, posted by Shannon

A recent survey conducted by Nielsen found that most adults prefer watching cable channels on a traditional television set rather than over the PC. In fact, 94% of those that subscribe to satellite or cable report having a preference for their television sets rather than using online systems on their PCs.

Although most adults prefer to use their televisions to watch television broadcasts, 35% of those responding to the survey did say that they have watched one or more television shows on the Internet that were originally broadcast on television. 87% of those that watched television programs on their PCs said they watched the programs on the website of the television network. In addition, 82% of respondents indicated hat they have gone online specifically to find a specific program that they were unable to watch on television.

In addition to watching their favorite television programs online, many respondents also use the Internet to learn more about their favorite actors and to learn about upcoming episodes of their favorite shows. At the same time, the majority of respondents said they prefer to watch shorter clips when they go online to watch videos.

53% of respondents said they go online in order to view movie trailers. 45% visit the Internet to watch videos generated by other users and 37% go online to watch news segments and music videos. 31%, on the other hand, watch comedy programs and another 31% watch sports clips.

Although consumers have a preference for viewing television on their television sets, the survey found that consumers are using the Internet to watch television far more than they did just two years ago.

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