FlyWire For HDTV

July 27, 2008 – 1:59 pm, posted by Oliver

Wires are a huge problem. Right from when the first electrical devices went mainstream and began dominating homes, wires have littered rooms, covering walls, floors and almost every corner available.

With the introduction of HDTV, there are even more gadgets and set-top boxes which need to be plugged in, and so even more wires. Along with my TV which has it’s own power lead and aerial, I’ve got a DVD player, Sky+ box, and my PlayStation 3, and so the room does look quite messy.

However, I just heard that Belkin have released a little device for HDTVs that they call a FlyWire.

This little tool takes inputs from all your various boxes, in my case it would be my DVD player, Sky+ and PS3, and then reroutes the signals wirelessly to your HDTV, using a small receiver that plugs into the TV.

The FlyWire itself looks like a wireless internet router in its design, and I suppose that ultimately it’s very similar.

With one of these installed, you have the ability to leave all your boxes in a tidy cabinet, away in a cupboard, even under the sofa or in another room if you like, and there’s no need to have loads of wires leading into your TV, just the power and aerial cables.

I think the main advantage of this is that it tidies your room up, but it also means that you can have all your inputs going to the TV at once without having to switch around SCART leads, and also allows you to move your HDTV as much as you like, without unplugging things.

Only problem is, Belkin’s website are advertising the FlyWire for $999.99, so we can call that $1000. A great product, but I’m not so keen on the price.

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