Samsung PN42A450 42-Inch 720p Plasma HDTV

October 4, 2008 – 12:31 pm, posted by Oliver

The Samsung PN42A450 is not only a good deal, but has a quality equivalent to other sets at a higher price point. In my opinion, this TV shows the true benefit of Plasma HDTVs. It does have some minor flaws, but they aren’t anything that would cause me to complain or return the set. Even standard analog channels look a whole lot better with this system.

The Samsung PN42A450 has a 720p which might lead you to consider the 1080p for more money. My advice is don’t do it. The 720p is just as good if not better than the more expensive set. The 20 000:1 contrast ratio is considerably better than many of the higher ratio contrasts available on the market. I found the Filter Bright Anti Reflective Technology allows me to make the room as bright or dark as I want and still enjoy a great picture. It is slightly noticeable, but nothing serious.

As for the set itself, it runs nice and cool even at higher sound levels. I am not concerned one bit that it might overheat regardless of whether I’m watching a drama series, a football game, or a rock concert. The case itself is shiny and the screen itself is grey when it is turned off. This might matter to you or it might not.

The sound of the internal speakers certainly isn’t great, however there are very few Plasma or LCD sets that have great ones. The audio is perfectly suitable and even borders on excellent for regular television shows. For movies and other big television events, I would definitely hook up a good quality theatre system to enjoy the entire experience to the fullest.

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