Sony Bravia S-Series KDL-40S4100 40-Inch 1080p LCD HDTV

October 8, 2008 – 1:31 pm, posted by Oliver

In my opinion, this Sony Bravia set rivals the Samsung for quality and price. The picture quality and sound is excellent. It was easy to put together. The only thing I would have really liked this TV to have is a better remote. Everything is set through its menu system, but it is nothing that I can’t live with.

The screen contrast of this Sony Bravia is fantastic. The colors don’t appear oversaturated, the blacks are black, and there is a setting Sony calls ‘vivid’ if you prefer that type of rich color. This high quality follows all the way through from standard and low digital signal channels to high definition stations. The 24p refresher rate makes the movement flawless for both video games and movies. This is only amplified by the 3 HDMI and Multiple PC Inputs. The details are crisp and well defined.

The audio for this Sony Bravia is probably the best factory speakers I’ve heard. Home theatre systems are always better, but for normal television programs, they more than do their job. The set doesn’t diffuse the sound with any whirring, whining, or humming either. As an added benefit, it also has an S-video and two RCA hookups so that you can hook up virtually anything up to it.

It has an ok base and the finish itself is a high-gloss black. A bit distracting for my tastes, but nothing I’m all that concerned about. The remote itself is a bit of a pain as well since it only runs the TV. Again, not a big deal, and with the great quality at a reasonable price, I will very happily live with it.

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