Samsung LN19A650 19-Inch 720p LCD HDTV with RED Touch of Color

October 10, 2008 – 10:22 am, posted by Oliver

The Samsung LN19A650 is the best 19″ I’ve seen so far. It has clear and great graphic quality and the sound is the best I’ve heard on a little TV yet. It has enough components that you can hook up anything you might want to add to it and still get unmatched audio and video quality. It really is no surprise Samsung is so popular.

The set itself was easy to put on the stand and thankfully, the stand swivels. If you are purchasing it for a deep red color, you will be disappointed here. It has a ‘touch’ of red and nothing more. The red actually gives the black framing a warm color. The only downside I found with the set is that the finish itself is really reflective, which can detract from the picture when the light hits is a certain way. It is definitely nothing serious that makes me feel it has harmed the quality of the TV though.

The audio quality is superb for in-set speakers. It has a 3W x2 audio output that is more than satisfactory. The sound itself has no noise and doesn’t echo like other TV sets this size. For an added boost, it has SRS TruSurround XT that really makes a significant difference. It has a high quality headphone jack if you are trying not to bother anyone.

The picture has a good contrast ratio that looks much richer than it actually is. The HD resolution itself sits at 720p. With the super fast response time of 8ms, this TV hums right along through everything from movies off my PC, Wii, and does a decent job of analog, digital, and HD channels. To hook up all of the added stuff, there is an S Video, an HDMI connection, a PC input, and a component imput. In all, there is more than enough options to hook up whatever you might want to add onto a smaller TV set.

In my opinion, this is a great set for anyone who wants a smaller TV without compromising quality.

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