HDTV Resolution

May 9, 2009 – 8:26 am, posted by Oliver

So how does your TV’s resolution affect your viewing experience? Does a set with a higher resolution mean that you will be watching better looking TV?

Not quite, since the primary factor that determines picture quality is the source and not the input device. Most frequently it is the original resolution of the content that will limit the quality of your viewing experience, not the maximal resolution of your TV. Since your TV displays images being fed to it by DVD players, gaming consoles, computers and, most importantly, cable and satellite receivers, it is those devices that directly impact the quality of the image you will ultimately watch on your TV.

Since most content is being sent through at standard definition resolutions of 480 lines, your TV will digitally process the image and adjust it in order to fill the 720 or 1080 lines of space it has. IF not you would not be benefiting from all of your TV real estate. The best way to understand that is to relate it to standard definition programming. If you don’t wish for your image to be distorted, your TV set will display the image in its original resolution and frame it with black frames. In order to fully benefit from the optimal quality of your set, use high definition devices such as BluRay players, high definition gaming consoles and HD programming from your cable or satellite provider.

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  2. If HDTV is supposed to be so great, how come we only get 3 channels and only from 6pm to 11pm? And, not only that, only the supposed “important programming” is available.
    EX: the Michael Jackson program that came on on Saturday night. That came in fine. But finding a program I actually wanted to watch, what a joke.
    Do the stations boost their signals to get ratings? I want to know the real truth, for a change.

    By Carolyn on Jul 6, 2009

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