Are We Really Ready?

August 3, 2009 – 9:52 am, posted by Oliver

With all the hype about HDTV, one should stop to wonder if we are really prepared for this technology. Some people think they may be pushing it too hard; that the aggressive advertising is to make up for all the downfalls the technology has. Some people even believe that this push from the government and the FCC is both underhanded and premature.

These people have every right to feel the way they do, but they also need to look at it from the standpoint of both the consumers’ and the companies’ positions. As the production costs have increased, so has the cost of movies, and movie tickets. But over the past 10 years, before the push for HD as a standard started, the average consumer did not see any difference, except in the price. They were in essence not getting the bigger bang for their buck. Hence why we have the push for all High Definition. Viewers are now going to get to see the difference when it comes to their movies and shows.

Oddly enough, this push was not as sudden as most people may think. The original date was supposed to be December 31,2006. That got pushed back almost 3 years, giving both broadcast companies and electronics companies time to compensate for the loss they could face. This is one of the reasons the FCC has been pushing it so hard over the last year. There was ample warning to all companies.

I have to be honest though, I had no idea about the switchover until about 6 months before it was completed. But then again, I already had an HDTV with the HD tuner built in.

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