HDTV CURVED – The Screen of the Future

August 3, 2009 – 9:53 am, posted by Oliver

HDTVs have been on the market for a while now, and pretty much everyone has had a chance to see them and a lot of people already have them in their homes. The technology has lost a lot of its hype, and many are wondering what the next big advancement is going to be. Well, you dont have to wait much longer. The next generation of HDTV is being developed as you read this.

Until now, when you look at your screen, whether it be your television or computer monitor, it was flat, offering a single dimension of view. Now, the company “Alianware” (which is actually a leader in the advanced computer market) is developing a high definition screen that is curved, giving you a wrap around view, (i.e. Peripheral vision). This new advancement will allow gamers to be able to see not only in front of them but beside as well, as you would in real life.

This has huge implication for the film industry as well. Over the years we have grown accustom to the one sided view of television. But as this technology develops we may start to see movies and television shows in a whole new way. Imagine not only seeing whats going on in front of you in a fight scene, but also beside you.

The panoramic view is something that many of us have been dreaming about for ages. Now the dawn of it is at our doorstep. This could mean a whole new break through in HDTV screen technology. Imagine being able to roll up a screen and put it in your pocket, or in a bag. Then when you need it just pull it out unroll it and either hang it up or hold it like a book. The possibilities are endless.

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