HDTV Goggles – TV on the Go

August 3, 2009 – 9:50 am, posted by Oliver

Picture this: you’re watching the newest blockbuster release, a must-see, on a huge 52 inch screen, while lounging in the sun at the beach. Many of you will say this is not possible. And youre be right, if I was talking about a regular television. It would be impractical to bring a television of that size to the beach, for a number of obvious reasons. One is size; its a HUGE television. Where would you put it? How are you going to get it there without damaging it? Then theres the problem of power. The television uses quite a bit of power, so youre probably not going to use your car, unless you plan on walking home. And then there’s the issue of lighting. We all know what its like trying to watch television in a really sunny room; it just doesnt work.

Thats all changed now, with the development of HD goggles. You can hook these up to any device that outputs a video signal, such as a DVD player, Xbox, even iPods. You can load up your favorite movies or television shows, and watch them in true High Definition anywhere you want; whether it be lounging at the beach, lying in bed while your partner sleeps, on long trips… Which of these would you prefer? One of the small car screens or a virtual 52 inch personal screen? Just a word of warning, do not under any circumstances attempt to operate a motorized vehicle while wearing these. That should go without saying, but there have already been accidents because of this. You can pick up a good quality pair of these goggles online for about $150 US. This is a new technology, but it is already making waves in the tech world.

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  2. Where can you purchase the HDTV goggles?

    By j albrecht on Nov 24, 2009

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