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Who needs an HDTV Converter?

In February 2009, most networks will be switching over to digital broadcasting, which means those with analog televisions may not be able to watch their favorite television shows over-the-air.

If you have an analog TV set you will need to get an HDTV converter (also known as digital to analog TV converter) that will translate the HDTV format to the old analog NTSC format that your analog television understands.

Note: if you have a high-definition television, you will not need to get an HD converter because your television will already be capable of picking up the digital signal being broadcast by the television stations.

HD Converter Reviews

The highest customer rated HD converters (only converters having more than 3 reviews are shown):

Converter CECD SA AP S-Video EPG URC Total Reviews Average Rating
Tivax T9 Yes Yes No No Yes No 5 4.6 Read reviews
ChannelMaster CM7000 Yes No No Yes Yes No 120 4.3 Read reviews
Zenith DTT901 Yes No Yes No No No 181 4.3 Read reviews

Legend: CECD = Coupon-eligible, SA = Smart Antenna, AP = Analog-passthrough, SVideo=S-Video, EPG = Electronic Programming Guide, URC = Universal Remote Control

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It is 2009, and you are stuck with an analog TV set. What to do?

Here are your options:
  1. No more over-the-air television. Stay with cables or satellite. Of course, cables and satellite TV is in the digital format as well, but the set-up box supplied by your provider works as a DTV converter. Cons: a monthly bill to pay.
  2. Upgrade your TV set. Buying an HDTV is probably the most reasonable option. The prices are getting lower, the screens larger, the overall experience better.
  3. Stay with your analog TV and get yourself an HD converter to keep watching over-the-air broadcasts. Put simply, an HD converter is an electronic device that changes the digital signal being broadcast by television stations into an analog signal. The HD converter is a box that is connected between your antenna and your television. HD converters are cheap. Using a government coupon, you can get one for less than $20. Go for it if you do not plan to buy a digital television.

HDTV Converter vs HDTV Tuner - Not the Same Thing!

The two devices are often confused. Both receive digital signals coming from an antenna. The difference is in the output.

Read more details on HDTV tuners vs HDTV converters.