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AccessHD 1030D HDTV Converter Reviews

AccessHD 1030D converter reviews: 8
AccessHD 1030D average rating: 1.6

Excellent 1 reviews
Good 0 reviews
Average 0 reviews
Poor 1 reviews
Very Poor 6 reviews
AccessHD 1030D converter

Coupon-eligible: Yes
Analog-passthrough: Yes
Smart antenna: No
S-Video: No
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AccessHD 1030D Review #0
Rating: 1 (very poor) Nickname: anonymous Date: 2008-11-10
Summary: Piece of junk, very poor audio quality.
Easy to hook up, but the quality of the audio is terrible. There is a constant hum and static on all channels. Have tried this box on 3 different TVs with the same lousy results. Am currently trying to get my money back on this one. Advice: buy the RCA model.

AccessHD 1030D Review #1
Rating: 1 (very poor) Nickname: anonymous Date: 2011-09-28
Summary: stay away from this piece of junk!
I went to best buy to buy one of these when I saw them on sale in the weekly flyer for $50.00 plus McGuinty TAX . There was only one open box available. Some other dealers around here want $90.00 plus 13% Mcguinty TAX. I went to the store and bought it.Mistake! I set it up and programmed my Sony recorder to record a program and I went out. Came back 5 hours later and the unit was shut-off!The piece of crap shut itself off and only recorded a bit of the TV program. I was furious! I went back to Best Buy (they should change their name to Crap Buy)and of course they had none left. They told me they had 5,000 units ordered and of course I had to wait. I looked around and found one at Tiger Direct. I went to their store and I was told they had none left.They were selling theirs for $29.00 on sale plus the Mcguinty TAX. Whats the point advertising if at the beginning of the sale they had only two-not on sale? Anyway, I am now looking around for a better unit elsewhere. But why are they so frigging more expensive in Canada than the US when most are imported from China?? By the way,while I was waiting at the customer service counter I saw a women returning her Access Unit. She told me it would not go on and it didnt produce any response.Wow! I was lucky then after all..defective as mine is. SO, BEWARE!..stay away from this unit and force Best Buy to send them back to China for redesigning so the unit work as they should.

AccessHD 1030D Review #2
Rating: 1 (very poor) Nickname: anonymous Date: 2010-07-08
Summary: Feeling ripped off!
I tried everything to make it work. It just sits there and says \No Signal\. I have had other brands on same tv befor that did work. They will not give you back your money and have all kinds of loose wiggle words in their warranty. The phone number for customer support hangs up on you if you ask for customer service. How in the world did they even get on the coupon program? I bought this one without the coupon but with all the other negative reviews I guess I should have researced more before buying.

AccessHD 1030D Review #3
Rating: 1 (very poor) Nickname: anonymous Date: 2009-01-28
Summary: Unit burnt out
The unit only worked for about 3 weeks then fired out. You will get no customer service they will only try to sell you a stronger antenna. DO NOT BUY THIS BOX.

AccessHD 1030D Review #4
Rating: 5 (excellent) Nickname: crabby Date: 2011-01-16
Summary: Acess HD 1050 read article
Okay i had to write a review... When i got my $40 coupons. I bought Access HS 1050 from Riteaid for free.. I gave one to my freind and i used one.. My box died 2 weeks ago, My freind still uses his. He tells me he gets 60+ channels with it.. So I went and bought a Rca Dta800 at walmart. And hooked it up to my antennacraft Hbu55 anttenna ... Signal on that was 70percent with CBS.. I then ordered a new Acess 1080 for $36 and the same channel showed 100% with no amp... Hope this helps...

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