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Tivax T9 HDTV Converter Reviews

Tivax T9 converter reviews: 5
Tivax T9 average rating: 4.6

Excellent 3 reviews
Good 2 reviews
Average 0 reviews
Poor 0 reviews
Very Poor 0 reviews
Tivax T9 converter

Coupon-eligible: Yes
Analog-passthrough: No
Smart antenna: Yes
S-Video: No
EPG: Yes
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Tivax T9 reviews to 5:

Tivax T9 Review #0
Rating: 4 (good) Nickname: Geedoubleya Date: 2009-01-26
Summary: Great performance. Not for the visually or physically impaired.
I purchased a Tivax STB-T9 for an elderly relative last October, and for the last three months it has been providing good sound and an excellent picture with an old Zenith TV (circa 1985). Performance aside, this converter has some other characteristics that you may wish to consider. Here are the pluses and minuses I've found: + Uses standard electrical power cord, not another "wall wart." + The volume on remote controls the TV volume through the RF output signal. Set your TV to a high volume setting and use the Tivax remote to control (attenuate) or mute the volume. + Remarkable picture surpasses some of the DTVs and HDTVs I've seen in stores (in this case, cleaning the inside and adjusting the TV made a BIG difference). + Persistent memory retains channels and settings after lengthy power loss (greater than two weeks). + On screen signal strength is useful for setting best antenna orientation (one channel at a time). + "Smart Antenna" interface -- this is a new antenna technology that allows the antenna to be electronically tuned for best reception instead having to be physically re-oriented with a change of channel. I know of two smart antennas on the market now: the RCA ANT 2000 (indoor), and the DX DTA-5000 (outdoor). I'm looking forward to trying one of these in the coming months. + Support for Dolby Digital 5.1 standard (not used here but nice to have). + Multi-lingual operation: English, Spanish, and French. + Metal case helps to transfer heat away from internal components. Heat is the bane of all things electronic. Allow for plenty of air circulation around the converter and do not block holes anywhere on the surface of the converter box! This will help insure a long product life for any electronic product. - Tiny remote (a big negative here). It's too small for the visually impaired or those with arthritis -- no compatible jumbo universal remotes available yet. - No persistent channel display either on screen or on the converter box. - Lengthy lag time between channel changes. Channel surfing is agonizingly slow. - On screen displays (channel information and Electronic Program Guide) and closed-captions are too small for the visually impaired, even with fonts set to maximum size. - Closed captioning display has a slight, irritating flicker. - Menu inconsistencies -- Some set-up menus simply loop-thru to the beginning, some don't -- forcing you to either back-out and start over, or back-up to a desired selection. - No automatic adjustment of aspect ratio. - No S-video output. - Useful parts of the manual in English only. - Converter not made in the USA (and funded by Congress). Summary: The Tivax STB-T9 is an excellent performer, and if this box just had to sit there and convert digital signals to analog, I’d give it 5 stars. The remote’s size and the way this converter interfaces with the user are compromised; average at best, or 3 stars. Cost/benefit gets 4 stars. Overall: 4 stars.

Tivax T9 Review #1
Rating: 5 (excellent) Nickname: anonymous Date: 2009-01-22
Summary: reception must better than Zenith DTT901
Cost $10 from Amazon after coupon. Tivax T8 gets all 8 (20 if you count each sub-channel) channels that Samsung's $170 unit will receive. The Zenith DTT901 got only 1 !!! I'm 35-40 miles from most broadcast towers and have a medium size VHF/UHF outdoor antenna with pre-amp mounted on my chimney. There are some trees and hills around but I'm not in a deep hole. I'm in a CEA "red"/"blue" zone if you are familiar with those color codes. The Tivax T8 has analog pass-through, for whatever that will be worth after 17 FEB 2009. Other than that, I think it is the same thing as the Tivax T9. Appears well constructed and is easy to use. The automatic channel scan takes it time, but does a good job. Easy to add channels manually by just typing the real channel and if it finds the virtual channel it automatically adds it.

Tivax T9 Review #2
Rating: 5 (excellent) Nickname: anonymous Date: 2008-10-19
Summary: great value for the price
Purchased 2 of these for less than $30 (that includes the shipping), using the government coupons. Took me all of 15 minutes to hook up, scan and start watching the DTV channels in my area. I had 7 analog channels available before this was hooked up. I now have 12 DTV channels available. Menu is easy, user friendly. Walks you thru the initial scan so easily. My mom is buying 2 of these also. All cables, remote, instructions, even batteries, were included in the box I received. I do recommend this box. If your stations are like mine, I don't need to watch analog. The same programming is available in digital.

Tivax T9 Review #3
Rating: 5 (excellent) Nickname: anonymous Date: 2008-07-29
Summary: Is box eligible fro $40 coupon?
When I tried to buy one of these my coupon number
kept getting kicked out.I cancelled order because
of this.
Is this Tivax stb-t9 eligible for the gov coupon?.
ANYONE have an answer?.

Tivax T9 Review #4
Rating: 4 (good) Nickname: firenzano Date: 2008-09-23
Summary: easy to use, few complaints
I bought this device because it was one of Consumer Reports's top-rated products.

Set up was easy (just four or five connections!) -- I plugged in the power cord, hooked the device to my TV using the AV and RF cables that were included, then connected the antenna cable to the converter box. There are few sockets on the device and thus little room for error. The converter automatically scans for channels and I was able to watch DTV within minutes.

The impressive thing about the converter is that it was able to find a few more channels that the other TV in my house, a bona fide HDTV. Both this set and the other use the same roof antenna (I am in the NYC area -- on the other set I could not get the three ABC or PBS channels, but with this converter I could)!

-crisp video, loud volume; does what it was designed to do
-remote control is mainly intuitive, only a few weird design choices
-remote control has a signal button to display signal strength (which I guess could be useful if I had some kind of indoor antenna I could orient at will; or perhaps it's a way of gauging the weather outside?)
-last channel memory
-very lightweight and small (I would guess less than 2 lbs) so will not weigh down other devices

-main annoyance: the captions are much smaller than they are through analog and are a strain on the eyes (I'm near sighted). It is nice that their color/transparency/size can be customized, but even the largest size is no match for the analog captions
-the box itself only has three buttons: on/off and two channel changers. If anything were to happen to the remote control then there's no way to access the menu for setup/channel scanning or any of the other features
-it took me a while to realize the round OK button in the center (why is it ABOVE the number pad?) is the 'enter' button for choosing a channel; I should not have to read a manual to use a remote control (and I don't think this function is mentioned in there)
-the remote control uses two AAA batteries (would have preferred AA)

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