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Zenith DTT901 HDTV Converter

Zenith DTT901

Coupon-eligible: Yes
Analog-passthrough: Yes
Smart antenna: No
S-Video: No
DTT901 reviews: 181
DTT901 rating: 4.3 out of 5 (good)
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The highest customer rated HDTV converters (only converters having more than 3 reviews are shown):

Converter CECD SA AP S-Video EPG URC Total Reviews Average Rating
Tivax T9 Yes Yes No No Yes No 5 4.6 Read reviews
ChannelMaster CM7000 Yes No No Yes Yes No 120 4.3 Read reviews
Zenith DTT901 Yes No Yes No No No 181 4.3 Read reviews

Legend: CECD = Coupon-eligible, SA = Smart Antenna, AP = Analog-passthrough, SVideo=S-Video, EPG = Electronic Programming Guide, URC = Universal Remote Control

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Zenith DTT901 Description

The difference between the Zenith DTT901 box and a similar DTT900 digital to analog TV converter, is that the former features analog passthrough for analog TV reception. The DTT901 comes with a nice Universal remote control. The electronic programming guide sucks, the maximum it can do is to provide current/next program info. FEATURES -------- Broadcasting System ATSC Audio Dolby Digital 2ch Downmix Video 480i Aspect Ratio 4 Modes Channel Add/Erase/Skip Channel Auto Search Closed Captioning Parental Control Favorite Channel Flash Back Program Guide Current/Next (When Available) MENUS ----- Language English/Spanish/French Initial Language English REAR PANEL I/O --------------- Composite Video Out 1 Analog L/R Audio Out 1 Terrestrial RF Input 1 RF Module Output 1 ACCESSORIES SUPPLIED WITH THE BOX ================================= Universal Remote Control A/V Cable (RCA Type) 1 RF Cable (RCA Type) 1 User Manual English/Spanish Quick Setup Guide English/Spanish Battery (AAA) 1