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AntennasDirect C4 HDTV Antenna Reviews

AntennasDirect C4 antenna reviews: 196
AntennasDirect C4 average rating: 4.3

Excellent 133 reviews
Good 28 reviews
Average 8 reviews
Poor 12 reviews
Very Poor 15 reviews
AntennasDirect C4 antenna

Band: UHF
Placement: Outdoor
Amplifier: No
Range: 65 miles
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AntennasDirect C4 Review #0
Rating: 5 (excellent) Nickname: Snow Date: 2011-08-21
Summary: Exactly what I was hoping for.
I replaced my old Winegard GS-1100 for this Antenna Direct C4. My setup is the same, an outdoor rooftop mat with a rotor attached to my cheminy. Ive also replaced the RCA signal amplifier I had with a Antennas Direct ClearStream Pre Amplifier Kit - 216MHz, 700MHz - Signal Amplifier. Im just outside Montreal and the reception is strong and stable, even if Im splitting the signal between 3 TV sets. This was not the case with my older antenna. All the 18 channels, domestics and from the U.S. have an incoming signal between 75 and 100 percent, and sometimes I even catch ABC 22, witch have a very weak emission signal. Ive should have done this move before.

AntennasDirect C4 Review #1
Rating: 5 (excellent) Nickname: anonymous Date: 2011-01-24
Summary: Surpassed Expectations
First, the technicals - The Clearstream4 was installed outdoors on the existing sat dish mount - approx 25 feet high; no antenna or line amplifiers connected; no antenna rotor; approx 80 feet of cable from antenna to one TV; no line splitters; the TV network stations line-of-sight (LOS)- 35 to 40 miles toward Orlando, no known obstructions; CS4 compass heading (approx) 240 (recommended by AntennaWeb at my location - 305). Initial channel scan - 42 channels including all networks. TV stations received from Melbourne, Orlando & Daytona. Subsequent scans have picked up an additional 30 stations in Tampa (135 miles LOS), Ft. Myers (150 miles LOS), West Palm Beach Ch 25 (90 miles LOS) - all without adjusting the antenna. However, receiving those additional (very distant) stations seems to be dependent on (ideal) atmospheric/weather conditions. I have not yet connected an antenna amp which I\m sure would improve the antenna performance. Adding additional TVs may require a line amp. Since I was only expecting to receive 30 channels with the antenna, I am very satisfied with the Clearstream4 performance - never expecting to see 72 channels (even if that only happens occasionally). And, the CS4 reception on the HDTV channels is excellent - significantly better than with sat or cable. The price of the CS4 is on the high side, but that is relative since it was equivalent to just over 1 month\s of my satellite service.

AntennasDirect C4 Review #2
Rating: 4 (good) Nickname: anonymous Date: 2010-06-07
Summary: A lot of antenna for a small package-great for cramped attic installations
I live in a very windy area, with a lot of snow & ice in the winter, so I don\t want to put delicate equipment up on the roof and have to replace it in a few years. My 2-story house has an attic above the second floor rooms, but those rooms have sloped ceilings, so the attic is small and has a lot of trusswork in the way. So I needed an antenna with a very small form factor, but with good range as well. My 4 main metros are 41, 44, 70, and 85 miles away, in four different directions but within 190 degrees of each other. I have the Clearstream 4 mounted on a rotor in the highest part of the attic, using a Radio Shack 2-piece preamp and a liitle over 100 feet of RG-6. In this configuration, I can reliably get all of the Chicago, Rockford, & Milwaukee stations, and those from Madison that are not on Chicago co-channels or VHF. I have also dx\d stations from Green Bay, Grand Rapids, South Bend, Peoria, and the Quad Cities. I am able to get VHF reception on RF 7, RF 12, and RF 13, which are close to me. During tropospheric enhancement, I am also able to gets staions on RF8, RF10, and RF11, all over 70 miles away. Overall, I\m very happy with it. There really isn\t anything that can rotate in such a small space that can pull in this many stations. One thing I like about the C4 is that the gain curve is very consistent across the UHF 14-51 range, which is important for me as I have staions on almost every frequency.

AntennasDirect C4 Review #3
Rating: 5 (excellent) Nickname: MBer Date: 2010-05-14
Summary: Much better than expected
The cable company got too greedy, so I decided to investigate OTA TV just on a lark. After some proof-of-concept testing with rabbit ears, I purchased a C4 and installed it up in my attic at about 27 feet above grade. I was easily able to lock solid all of the stations in Chicago and Rockford (except NBC-13, which is borderline). When I turned the C4 towards Milwaukee, I was able to get the two most powerful stations, but not the rest. I figured that since the C4 has a net gain of about 10 dBi, and my attic installation cuts about 10dBi, that I would need a preamp to grab those Milwaukee stations. After the installation of a preamp and a rotor (to make it easy to change positions), I am able to lock solid all of the Milwaukees except for PBS-10 & ABC-12, and I\m able to watch a few stations up in Madison (ABC-27 holds a signal-to-noise ratio of 19 or 20, from 85 miles away!) So I have locked over 90 subchannels on all but 8 of the UHF DTV frequencies (14-51, 37 is not used for TV). I generally leave it pointed at Milwaukee, so it gets all of those plus most of Chicago (even with a 100 degree difference in azimuth). I have around 40 channels programmed in for surfing, after removing stations I\m not interested in (or can\t understand the language) and some duplicates (like the Ions and subchannel networks like This and RTV). Overall I\m really happy with my little experiment, and with the ClearStream 4. I would never have been able to put a larger antenna in my attic, as the rooms below have vaulted ceilings (reducing clearances).

AntennasDirect C4 Review #4
Rating: 4 (good) Nickname: anonymous Date: 2009-12-06
Summary: Good to Excellent
Our house is in a geographically slightly depressed area. After the move to HTV we were unable to get a few of the stations with our previous roof-mounted antenna. The C-4 did the trick without an amplifier but it required some directional fine tuning. Two things I would add to previous reviews: 1. A change of 35 to 40 degrees in the facing direction made a significant difference. And don\t forget to rerun the station scan on your converter box or HTV receiver. This website provides a free list of the the stations/signal strength/distance from your house and a diagram of how to face your antenna to get those stations - www.antennaweb.org (click \Choose an Antenna\). This was VERY useful. 2. Do not assume that the way in which the attachment bolts and nuts hardware (including U bolt mast clamps)are assembled when you receive them is correct. Go by the pictures and directions. Also the final step - connecting the buss bars on the box that receives the coax cable to the back of the tapered loops - this required that I loosen the bolts that join the loops to the antenna. Without loosening the bolts it wasn\t possible to get the wing nuts off or on two of the connections.

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