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GE 24775 HDTV Antenna Reviews

GE 24775 antenna reviews: 63
GE 24775 average rating: 3

Excellent 19 reviews
Good 7 reviews
Average 7 reviews
Poor 14 reviews
Very Poor 16 reviews
GE 24775 antenna

Placement: Indoor
Amplifier: Yes
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Below are 5 randomly chosen reviews of GE 24775 antenna. See all 24775 reviews.

GE 24775 Review #0
Rating: 2 (poor) Nickname: anonymous Date: 2009-05-17
Summary: Not Worth the Money or Time
Does not pick up well. Could not receive a decent signal from a station with its antenna less than 5 miles from me. Difficult to find an \angling compromise\ for the three panels plus monopole antenna. Had to re-set antenna between shows to get a reasonable signal. Advise against this one.

GE 24775 Review #1
Rating: 1 (very poor) Nickname: Bnonymous Date: 2009-03-04
Summary: Not as good as rabbit ears
I bought this antenna thinking it would improve my reception of some week signals that I was getting intermitantly with an old bent set of rabbit ears. I found that it not only did not pick up the week signals but it had trouble recieving local stations with strong signals. I tried it on different TV's in different locations throughout the house with similar results. I plan to return it.

GE 24775 Review #2
Rating: 1 (very poor) Nickname: Bill Date: 2009-02-25
Summary: Complete Crap Do Not Buy
Absolute junk! TV gets better reception with NO antenna! Waste of money. Now using a set of rabbit ears from an old broken TV that was taken to the recyclers.

GE 24775 Review #3
Rating: 2 (poor) Nickname: anonymous Date: 2008-11-08
Summary: Not very good. I returned it.
This antenna doesn't bring in all the stations, and in my bedroom would only bring in a couple of stations (and not very clearly). In the living room, where I have my main TV, the channels it gets come in pretty clearly, but does not bring in nearly as many channels as the other antennas I tried. Has only one dipole, which is loose and flimsy and doesn't stay in position. For what it cost, not acceptable. I returned it.

GE 24775 Review #4
Rating: 4 (good) Nickname: anonymous Date: 2008-09-06
Summary: Good Antenna
The cable company had risen prices beyond what I was willing to pay for local channels, so I decided to try out an antenna to see what I could get. I bought this antenna from Target, not expecting much since I hadn't seen any OTA channels in a very long time. At the reception seemed horrible and nothing was coming in, but then I decided to let the TV scan for all of the channels. It found all but 1 of the digital channels that are broadcast OTA. The last channel that it can't get it most likely because the tower is on the other side of my appartment building, not the fault of the antenna. I would recommend this antenna to anyone, but I haven't tried any others, so I can't say whether its the best for its size/price.

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