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Lava 2605 HDTV Antenna Reviews

Lava 2605 antenna reviews: 34
Lava 2605 average rating: 2.8

Excellent 11 reviews
Good 4 reviews
Average 1 reviews
Poor 2 reviews
Very Poor 16 reviews
Lava 2605 antenna

Placement: Outdoor
Amplifier: Yes
Color area: Red
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Lava 2605 Review #0
Rating: 1 (very poor) Nickname: LC Wood Date: 2012-05-04
Summary: Cheaply made, doesnt work. Can not get anyone on phone
I am in rural GA apx 20 mi from towers. I have an old beam type antenna 20 high but it has difficulty if there is any type of weather. Ordered the LAVA 2850 from Antenna Deals out of TX. Unit is very cheaply made, end came off of patch cord when doing initial hook up. Unit doesnt want to pick up anything, almost a couple times then lost signal. Tried different cables, still no luck. Customer service is email only, they do not know how to use a phone or afraid I guess. Unit is very lightly built I do not believe it would withstand any kind of weather. Several of the screws which attach the beams were stripped out. Overall I would rate this unit as a ZERO!!! Trying to return & get refund. They do not have a phone number

Lava 2605 Review #1
Rating: 5 (excellent) Nickname: anonymous Date: 2012-02-04
Summary: 2605 Ultra
Im getting alot stronger signal then with my cheaper antenna from WM...instructions seem to be a little short on details, but I figured it out. I dont need the rotor so I cant say its a good thing or bad thing to have it on here.I also am getting 5 more channels then I was getting and reception is LOTS better, it isnt cutting out as much. With the cheaper antenna i would lose signals on 3 channels outta 5, abt sundown and not get them back till 4 a.m.I am so impressed with my Lava 2605,that I am going to get another one for my daughter. Who also would like to get away from the satelite companies contract.Id rather have 5 channels I can watch for free then to have 200 channels of which I only want to watch maybe 15 channels of interest. I hope we will always have free TV.

Lava 2605 Review #2
Rating: 2 (poor) Nickname: anonymous Date: 2012-01-15
Summary: Poor product with good advertisment .
Not much better then rabbit ears, Not expensive but made just as cheaply or cheaper then the price. It rotates too fast and you have no idea where it is pointing unless you can see it. I had an older antenna 25 from ground level and got almost as good receptions as the 26o5. After I mounted the 2605 I did get a couple more signals but not lasting then after about 6 weeks I got nearly nothing, all lights and connections were good, I think something went wrong with the insides of it, dont really know but I put the old plain antenna back up and can watch the same ones as I did when the 2605 did work at its best. You get what you pay for and all the BS about what this antenna can do is just that BS.

Lava 2605 Review #3
Rating: 1 (very poor) Nickname: anonymous Date: 2011-12-12
Summary: Does not work as advertised
I bought the Lava 2605 on the Internet to replace the 25 year old (very large) antenna that has been damaged over the years by wind and limbs. The ads say it will pick up stations up to 150 miles away. I live 60 miles from the Atlanta stations, on top of a ridge. The antenna is mounted almost 30 feet above the ground, 4 feet above the chimney. There are 8 stations, all in the green and yellow range which I should be able to pick up. Depending on the weather and atmosphere, this antenna will pick up 3 or 4 of these channels, at best. Only one morning, I was able to pick up 7 of the eight. We watch TV mostly in the evening, and thats when the antenna works the worse. The built-in rotor is almost useless. 1) There is no way to know which direction it is pointed without going outside and looking at it; 2) When I tune in a station and then rotate the antenna,the picture doesnt appear for about a second (this is a characteristic of DTV, not he antennas fault. However, this keeps me from stopping at exactly the correctly heading (see #1); 3) 5 of the eight stations are within 1 degree of each other. When I aim the antenna toward them, I pickup 1, or sometime 2, of them; 4) The rotor is not precise in its movements. There is a hesitation (both starting and stopping) when I push the remote. Also, swings slowly back and forth when I stop it. 5) The mounting hole is too small for it to fit on a standard antenna mast, or on a 1 pipe. 6) The antenna is highly directional. If its not pointed EXACTLY toward a stations transmitter, it wont pick it up. 7) The rotor sometimes sticks when it has fully rotated one way or the other, when it is supposed to reverse itself. 8) You are supposed to be able to make the rotor reverse direction by giving the remote button a quick press. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesnt. 9) With a return policy of within 7 days, by the time you receive it, install it, find out it doesnt work, repackage it, and ship it back, youre too late for a refund. If you live closer (or in) the city and think itll work for you, good luck! Remember that the closer to a large city you live, the more spread out the transmitters are (re-read #6). If you need an antenna, dont buy this one. If you need a rotor, pay a little more and get a separate rotor, that you can program for specific stations.

Lava 2605 Review #4
Rating: 4 (good) Nickname: anonymous Date: 2011-11-26
Summary: great reception but poor rotor
I live 77 miles from the transmitters in tucson and I get great reception. I would of given this 5 stars but the rotor is poorly designed. I dont care because all my channels come from one direction. I have set this up so the rotor does not work and the antenna remains in one position. I set another one of these things up for a friend and we both kicked the satellite providers out.... This thing is not good if you live too close to the antennas... too powerful, I guess but you have the option to just turn off the power and use it that way but that seems like a waste of $$$. You need to buy the correct size for the correct distance away from the transmitters.

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