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Lava 2605 HDTV Antenna Reviews

Lava 2605 antenna reviews: 38
Lava 2605 average rating: 2.5

Excellent 14 reviews
Good 4 reviews
Average 1 reviews
Poor 2 reviews
Very Poor 17 reviews
Lava 2605 antenna

Placement: Outdoor
Amplifier: Yes
Color area: Red
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Lava 2605 Review #0
Rating: 1 (very poor) Nickname: bushman Date: 2015-02-10
Summary: had trouble, cant talk to anyone and they dont answer emails,,, please dont fall for there fake reviews
dont believe there fake reviews, once you buy it, you dont exist. now you want me to slam the lava antenna in a hundred words. ok, it doesnt live up to what they say it will do, I live just 70 miles from Detroit, 50 miles from Saginaw and flint, in other words, Im in the middle of the broadcast area for the thumb of Michigan. we have a hd flat screen tv and do not get any program directory that they claim we would have. the biggest complaint that I have is that I cannot get ahold of someone to help me, I only needed maby 5 min. of there time and this would have been solved, I have many people that are dropping dish and direct and I will advise strongly against getting anything form the lava people

Lava 2605 Review #1
Rating: 5 (excellent) Nickname: Ray Date: 2014-10-20
Summary: Great unit. Easy to install and operate
I live in middle GA, this unit picks up channels in Columbus and Macon With picture quality like cable. The unit is worth every penny to me. I had satellite for over a decade and got tired of the added channels I did not want added to my service and then my monthly fees were increased due to all the extra channels I had that I was not being charged for. Every body needs channels in a language you do not know and are charged for. This product delivers a great picture for no monthly fees. If you also get netflix or any of a number of other online services (hulu) it will make it easy to kick the pay TV habit.

Lava 2605 Review #2
Rating: 5 (excellent) Nickname: Clark Date: 2013-03-07
Summary: Worked as advertised, reviews are not always accurate
Before I invested in an antenna I took the time to read forums as I do with any major purchase or online purchase. All I heard about this antenna was how cheaply made it was, I found most forums either for it with five stars or against it with two stars. So I was confused, I decided that for around fifty bucks I would give it a try. Amazon delivered the item as described and in a timely manner. I opened the package to reveal an antenna that was just like the picture, small and futuristic looking, I found it to be easy to put together and done with assembly in roughly ten minutes, went outside with it, installed it by ladder on extension pole on my RV. Went inside and with my remote auto scanned for channels, to my amazement I received thirty three channels, all clear. Needless to say Im satisfied! So I had to go show my wife, she was also stunned. So to the negative nellies who run this product down, I must disagree with them for my experience was very positive. And to those who say this product is cheaply made I say; I have never seen an antenna that was not made from very fragile aluminium, which is kinda what their made of, all antennas are made of thin material and this one is no different. Its sorta like beer cans, Flemsy but we still buy beer, and enjoy it. Haha. Seriously this antenna works and is well made as antennas go. It works period. Oh by the way I live fifty miles north of Dallas in the country.

Lava 2605 Review #3
Rating: 5 (excellent) Nickname: FreeTVGuy Date: 2013-03-06
Summary: Lava HD2605 TV Antenna Review
I originally purchased a couple high end expensive antennas (Clear Stream and Channel Master) and as durable as they were they unfortunately lacked reception and signal strength. After my disappointment I decided to do more research and eventually purchased a Lava HD2605 from antennadeals.com. Not only was the product shipped to me within 2 days, it was also half the price of the expensive ones, and to my delightful surprise I was able to pickup 25-30+ HD channels for free! I travel in my RV all the time all over North America so to find a product that was stable and worked consistently was great! I eventually also purchased the Lava HD2805 from the same site for my house and now whether Im out on the road or sitting comfortably at home I have the assurance of having a quality antenna and no more awfully expensive cable bills!

Lava 2605 Review #4
Rating: 1 (very poor) Nickname: LC Wood Date: 2012-05-04
Summary: Cheaply made, doesnt work. Can not get anyone on phone
I am in rural GA apx 20 mi from towers. I have an old beam type antenna 20 high but it has difficulty if there is any type of weather. Ordered the LAVA 2850 from Antenna Deals out of TX. Unit is very cheaply made, end came off of patch cord when doing initial hook up. Unit doesnt want to pick up anything, almost a couple times then lost signal. Tried different cables, still no luck. Customer service is email only, they do not know how to use a phone or afraid I guess. Unit is very lightly built I do not believe it would withstand any kind of weather. Several of the screws which attach the beams were stripped out. Overall I would rate this unit as a ZERO!!! Trying to return & get refund. They do not have a phone number

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