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RCA ANT1251 HDTV Antenna Reviews

RCA ANT1251 antenna reviews: 37
RCA ANT1251 average rating: 3

Excellent 11 reviews
Good 9 reviews
Average 1 reviews
Poor 5 reviews
Very Poor 11 reviews
RCA ANT1251 antenna

Placement: Indoor
Amplifier: Yes
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Below are 5 randomly chosen reviews of RCA ANT1251 antenna. See all ANT1251 reviews.

RCA ANT1251 Review #0
Rating: 5 (excellent) Nickname: Karen Date: 2014-07-06
Summary: Great antenna
Hooked it up, programmed our tv and it immediately started working. Receiving all the major local Los Angeles channels and lots more! Well worth the price of less than $25. Clear HD reception. I enjoy ME TV, Antenna TV, Cozi TV and receiving great reception in all. We want to purchase another one for a second tv. Who knew we could get all this when we were paying $200 a month for cable tv. Never again! Got it at Best Buy and saved on shipping too. Great! I highly recommend this antenna.

RCA ANT1251 Review #1
Rating: 5 (excellent) Nickname: giorgioi2 Date: 2011-05-30
Summary: the best indoor amplified antenna
i just purchased this antenna yesterday,hoping to replace a philips sdv6122 20db amplified antenna i had for 2 years. this new baby i put it on top of the tv cabinet about the same spot i had the old antenna. my 4 year old son loves to watch the qubo channel ( 61.2) from philadelphia . the philly tv towers are about 23 miles away and on top of that i live on the far side of the pine hill,nj with no line of sight. i always had problems with the old antenna ( picture cut off or pixel picture and no sound at times) no matter what the weather. since i got the new one , i see no problems for the last 36 hours at all with reception. i checked the signal strength on my set top box converter box and ranges from 36 to 44 for the qubo channel. with my old antenna the signal was a marginal 17 to 18. at 16 my converter stops reading the signal.so im totally satisfied with this indoor antenna. i forgot to mention that the major networks measure a signal from 33 to 86 ,it depends on the station. i used to have hard time getting the weakest of the nets :ABC 6.now no problem. its location is about 18 inches from a window. THATS VERY IMPORTANT for all indoor antennas.

RCA ANT1251 Review #2
Rating: 5 (excellent) Nickname: GS455Stage2 Date: 2010-05-30
Summary: works great in basement apartment!!
A lot of the reviewers who are giving this antenna negative reviews may not be putting it in a window, as recommended by RCA in the owner\s manual. I did that with my tube SDTV for the past year and now I have a HDTV with an integrated tuner. The tuner is very good, so I am picking up more stations, even though I now have my antenna against my back wall, where the tv is. I receive over FIFTY FREE CHANNELS and of those, at least SEVEN are HDTV. I realize that sometimes you have to adjust the rabbit ears, but once I found an optimum position in my basement apartment, I no longer had to move the ears. I got this antenna over a year ago open box and on sale for $24.99 and I have definitely gotten my money\s worth out of it. Also, the 44db amplification is a big reason why I get so many free channels. I tried a couple of $100 Terk antennas before I bought this and they did not work nearly as well. More money does not mean you will get more channels or a better picture! I have had people come in and ask me what kind of cable service I have when they see the picture! Their jaws drop when I tell them I have FREE TV!

RCA ANT1251 Review #3
Rating: 4 (good) Nickname: Justin Date: 2010-05-08
Summary: Perfect for an urban area.
If you live in a urban area, and have an HDtv with a built in HD tuner, this antenna is perfect. I am picking up 6 local HD channels, as well as a lot of SD channels. I cannot pick up distant American channels, unfortunately, but my main goal was to grab local Canadian channels for World Cup coverage so it\s not that much of a loss. I highly recommend this antenna if you live in urban area, and you do your research, and know where the broadcast towers are. So a quick recap: This antennaa is great if you own a HDTV(not HD-ready) with a built in tuner, and you live in the city.

RCA ANT1251 Review #4
Rating: 5 (excellent) Nickname: RF enthusiast Date: 2009-12-29
Summary: I was surprised the unit works so well
I bought the last unit in the store with no manual or specifications. There is no outdoor access at this location. The performance without an amplifier suggested 10dB extra gain would be enough to pick up a few channels yet this unit has 44dB gain. I took the advice of a close friend and swallowed my objections. There are two sets of transmitters 16 miles away,covering different cities, with a 130 degree angle between them. The home has at least three concrete dividing walls on each line of sight, probably with rebar inside. One wall is right behind the TV. I like the solid mounting base but with no gain control circuit information I was wary of strong signals mixing together and preventing the tumer from locking up on certain channels. The unit is two feet from the TV on the same dresser. Negative reviews on the rabbit ears and concern over overloading the digital tuner gave me an idea. I fixed the rabbit ears at close to the shortest setting to limit the VHF signal level. The unit is at 45 degrees to the closest wall and about 18 inches away for best UHF reception. This combination allows a fixed adjustment for the 12 or so channels received so far.

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