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RCA ANT751 HDTV Antenna Reviews

RCA ANT751 antenna reviews: 91
RCA ANT751 average rating: 4.6

Excellent 71 reviews
Good 10 reviews
Average 6 reviews
Poor 4 reviews
Very Poor 0 reviews
RCA ANT751 antenna

Placement: Outdoor
Amplifier: No
Range: 30 miles
Color area: Red
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RCA ANT751 Review #0
Rating: 5 (excellent) Nickname: anonymous Date: 2014-06-25
Summary: Works the best
We tried Terk Omni and it failed miserably. Very few channels picked up and the ones we had skipped. It was also affected by weather. So we got the RCA and hooked it up where our old dish was, used the same cables and grounding also. We couldnt believe how quick this was done! Our TV picked up everything without a scan even. The clarity, HD, continuity, and amount of channels (53) is unbeatable. We are cable free without regrets! We got ours at Hhgregg for about $80, same as the terk. Now we are saving $150 per month!

RCA ANT751 Review #1
Rating: 5 (excellent) Nickname: Jadd Date: 2012-05-08
Summary: works great
In my area I have towers to the west and south, I aimed it south and pull in stations from the west at 80% on average, more than enough for a great signal. I mounted it on an existing Sat dish pole and used a cable coming from it to distribute to 3 TVs, one HDTV, one with a converter box, one PC tuner card. All of them with great results! Before this I used the indoor magnet based antenna mounted on the roof, it worked, just not great, this is a huge improvement. We have both UHF ans VHF in our area.

RCA ANT751 Review #2
Rating: 5 (excellent) Nickname: Joe Siegler Date: 2011-09-15
Summary: Surprisingly powerful little antenna
I had to cut cable TV earlier this year due to money issues, and from about May till September I was operating with good old rabbit ears in the house. When they worked, it worked great. But I was getting fed up of the constant moving of the rabbit ears, or the twiddling of the dial to get this channel or the other. There was some sort of interference inside my house preventing them from working well enough. Once in a blue moon, Id get lucky, find a sweet spot and get everything, but it didnt last long. I was unwilling to go on the roof for an antenna, so I was thinking about the attic. Ive been around TV for a long time, and my head tells me that to get better reception, you need to get a bigger antenna. I figured with a large tree in my neighbors house, as well as it being an attic, I was looking at something large up there. Specifically this (Antennas Direct DB8 Multidirectional HDTV Antenna). I was looking at getting the DB8, when a friend of mine who was going to help me by mounting it in the attic suggested I might get by with something smaller. He recommended the antenna Im writing about now. I was initially skeptical (again, the bigger is better) attitude. But I read through a ton of reviews, and there were a lot of happy people. At the time I bought it, there were 220 reviews on Amazon with an average star rating of 4.5 out of 5. Thats actually a higher review than the DB8 I was looking at. So I started reading, and was thinking perhaps Id go with this. Then while we were thinking about how to run cable, I remembered when my wife and I got the house 9.5 years ago (as of Sep 2011, when Im writing) it was wired for Cable TV. I dropped the Cable TV, but the wires were all still there. Which meant that there was a cable run there already. So I decided to run a test. I took the same stupid $6 rabbit ears I was at the time using (RCA ANT111R Basic Indoor Antenna), and took em into the attic. I found the cable that went to the jack by my TV, and plugged the rabbit ears into it. Rescanned, and wow. Not only was my interference gone, it was picking up a lot more channels than I knew about. The most I got with the rabbit ears inside the house was about 35-40. It was more here. So I figured with the rabbit ears doing that much better, perhaps I didnt need the overkill DB8, and opted for this antenna, the ANT751R. Did my research beforehand. Hit up antennaweb as well as tvfool for compass directions. Personally I think tvfool has way better antenna resources than antennaweb, but thats a side story. I got it installed in the attic (you can see a picture of my installation in the photo gallery here on Amazon). The mounting was fairly painless, although I will say what others have said. Its quite a value that the antenna comes with the mounting brackets and the pole in the box. Not all antennas do. The one thing that was missing was the wood screws needed to actually bolt the bracket to whatever youre attaching it to. The instruction manual even says to use a couple of wood screws (not included). Given they gave you the more expensive pole in the box gratis, youd think theyd throw in a few wood screws, but thats a minor quibble. Once I got it up there and hooked up, I reran a scan on the TiVo. I was bloody well amazed at what it found! The total number of channels it found was 79. Granted, several of those are inactive, or are otherwise things I dont care about. There were also a couple of channels it found which were on neither antennawebs or tvfools reports. Since I live right outside of Dallas, the majority of these kinds of channels are spanish speaking something or other. Given thats not my language, theyre of little interest to me. What WAS of interest to me are the major networks (PBS, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, & one local old UHF channel that broadcasts Texas Rangers games). All of these channels are quite strong. Even with the large tree outside and being in an attic, the average signal strength of these channels (according to the signal strength meter on the TiVo) is around 80-85 or so. PBS is a bit low (mid 60s), but the same friend who lives about 3 miles away from me says that PBS is his weakest signal too, but its not an issue unless theres some epic storms out, but were probably not watching much TV at that time anyway. At least one or two of the channels that are of lesser concern to me are quite strong - I had a couple of them as high as 98 on the meter :) Oh, before I forget, in the Dallas area, the majority of the antennas (especially the major networks) are in the same general area, as its the highest point in the general D/FW metroplex. According to tvfool, Im anywhere from 28.2 to 30.7 miles from the transmitters (except for a few rogue close ones that are about 8 or 14 miles), and they all are 80-85 or so in an attic mounted, non powered antenna. There is no signal booster on here. Its just the antenna that was in the box hooked up through a cable run that used to be used for Cable TV into my TiVo box, and then on into my HDTV, which is this, BTW (Samsung LN46A650). The quality is astounding. The signals are rock solid, and I have to say, Im quite happy with my purchase of this antenna. While the old rabbit ears worked OK enough (especially for $6), it wasnt quite a universal solution. Id have to fiddle with the antenna depending on what I wanted to record. Given I TiVo everything, having to worry about where the antenna was pointed meant I was back to the pre-TiVo days of caring what the broadcasters schedules were. Didnt like that, so I looked into what became this choice of antenna. Im quite happy with it. I suppose the only negative I could say is that the antenna is sold as an outdoor antenna. When I was putting it together, I felt like it wouldnt hold up to extreme winds, and things of that nature outside. It works great, but if left outside to the elements, Im not sure how well it would hold up. But as an attic antenna, it wont have to deal with any of that, so it should last a good long time up there. I was initially concerned that this being a cheaper antenna wouldnt function well enough as one that was into the $100 range or so. I was wrong. This works really quite well for me.

RCA ANT751 Review #3
Rating: 4 (good) Nickname: anonymous Date: 2011-02-18
Summary: Good, but not great
I live in a condo complex in the Poway Valley and have a giant oak right next to my unit, so right off the bat mother nature is working against me. I\m just trying to get ABC, NBC, and CBS but I mostly want NBC. For the first week I had this antenna I just had it sitting on the floor of my balcony. The plan was to strap it to a post on the balcony eventually. With the antenna on the floor I got about 6 channels, including the 3 a wanted, but the reception wasn\t great on any of them. There was frequent pixelation and I would occasionally lose the signal completely. Even then it was only when the antenna was in the perfect spot, right in the middle of the balcony floor. It didn\t do any better to move it around or raise it up and hold it in the location I planned to mount it, in fact, it only got worse. I then got a tri-pod and climbed up to the roof (when no one was looking) and set it up on a pole about 5-6\ up. With the antenna on the roof I now only get 4 channels. I get ABC and CBS very clearly with excellent reception, but no NBC. The ABC and CBS towers are on top of the same hill and I have a pretty clear view in that direction, though I can\t see the hill. The NBC tower is about 90deg out from them and that\s right in the direction of the giant oak. When I point the antenna in the direction of the NBC tower I get nothing at all. I\m going to return this and try the Winegard that\s recommended on this site, but since it\s a directional antenna and the tree is right there, I\m not expecting much.

RCA ANT751 Review #4
Rating: 5 (excellent) Nickname: tofudog Date: 2011-01-05
Summary: Made cutting cable easy
We were looking to free ourselves from the tyranny of Comcast, and bought this antenna on the strength of reviews on this site. Seems like this was the highest rated VHF/UHF antenna with any significant number of reviews here. Needed VHF capability because the NBC and ABC stations in SF broadcast over VHF. This is a pretty compact unit that takes up no more space than a standard satellite dish. There\s very little in the way of assembly. I installed it easily on an unused satellite mounting arm on the side of our building. With this antenna, I\m getting more than 60 digital channels, with all major networks and even the bulk of the smaller stations coming in at 10/10 bars. I am within 2 miles of the main broadcast antenna, and within 7 miles of a secondary one, so maybe an indoor antenna would have done the trick, but this cost me only $38, which isn\t much more than most indoor antennas. The other important thing to note is that the two towers I had to point the antenna at are 30 degrees apart, and even though this is a directional antenna, it picks up signals from both at 90-100%.

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