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Terk HDTVa HDTV Antenna Reviews

Terk HDTVa antenna reviews: 1259
Terk HDTVa average rating: 3.8

Excellent 567 reviews
Good 323 reviews
Average 128 reviews
Poor 89 reviews
Very Poor 152 reviews
Terk HDTVa antenna

Placement: Indoor
Amplifier: Yes
Amplifier Gain: 12 dB
Range: 45 miles
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Terk HDTVa Review #1
Rating: 5 (excellent) Nickname: anonymous Date: 2012-08-08
Summary: Pick up 40 stations
I added another external 15db amp to it, and that in turn gives me 40 channels even though I am receiving all channels via the signals bouncing off a neighboring 3 story apartment. 38 channels are a mix of 480i 720i and 1080i HDTV Digital format. The 2 remaining channels are the old Analog format. The bouncing signal creates an area of pickup that is only a tiny tiny 12 inch by 12 inch in size. I was lucky to find this focused area back when the signals were still mostly analog, and so it was easy see the signals strengthening or weakening as you moved the antenna around.

Terk HDTVa Review #2
Rating: 4 (good) Nickname: Winston Smith Date: 2012-04-26
Summary: Worked immediately
I have a Boxee and with their antenna (Boxee Live) I only got 3 analog channels and 1 digital here in Toronto, Canada. I purchased the TERK HDTV-A antenna and immediately it picked up 5 digital channels and 2 analog channels! I had previously tried hooking my Shaw satellite dish into the Boxee and nothing came down. The tuning didnt work and everything seemed hopeless. The reviews on the TERK are for real. Here in Toronto only 23-30 channels are digital. Im about 40 minutes from downtown and being able to pickup 7 channels in total in itself is amazing! Im going to be able to cut the cord now with cable thanks to TERK and the Boxee. 2 great products!

Terk HDTVa Review #3
Rating: 1 (very poor) Nickname: anonymous Date: 2012-01-30
Summary: Didnt Work
Plugged it into my Sharp Aquos, nothing happened. A little tiny, non amplified, USB antenna, plugged into my laptop picked up 7 UHF stations. I wanted the 2 missing VHF stations, so I bought this. I got no signal what so ever. The TV doesnt recognize there is an antenna plugged in and wont run set up. I have no way to trouble shoot thisI dont know if the TV is broken, the coaxial on the antenna has a problem or the antenna has a problem. I went to the Terk website and tried to get customer support. It doesnt recognize the model number of my antenna. I will be returning it.

Terk HDTVa Review #4
Rating: 4 (good) Nickname: Anonymous Date: 2011-09-09
Summary: Cant Complain About the Return on Investment
I have two of these antennas both in bedroom closets. It appeared to be the best available indoor antenna for HD / digital signals and for the money. I paid $30 for one and $25 for the second (Amazon & Craigslist). 65 miles from Chicago,IL and 45 miles from Rockford,IL. One faces East towards Chicago and one faces West toward Rockford. Extremely flat terrain. There was a huge difference moving from the basement window to a second floor bedroom. They are visually appealing and somewhat compact. I have mine amplified and split repeatedly throughout the house. I noticed that the tv sensativity to the signal quality affects if your channel comes in our not. For exmaple, I have two tvs on the same feed and one comes in great the other goes in and out. The tvs have a feature where I can view the signal quality. The older tv appears to be more sensative and requires a better signal. Yes there have been days of inconsistent signals which was expected. To receive free HD football for 2 years its hard to complain. Most of the prime time shows and major stations there are no issues.

Terk HDTVa Review #5
Rating: 2 (poor) Nickname: Y8S Date: 2011-05-19
Summary: Doesn\t pick up where I live - my previous RCA Digital Flat antenna worked better.
I live in southern Virginia, about 40 miles from the local broadcasting stations, and I can\t pick up a single one. I would advise using this antenna if you live within 10 miles or so, but evidently not for the folks that live outside of city limits. I replaced a Digital RCA Flat antenna that I purchased for around $30 and after spending about $50 I had expected to pickup a little better but I have actually lost several stations by switching to this antenna. This antenna is the Turk HDTVA, which is an amplified digital antenna. I even attached a second amplifier from my digital rca antenna and it seems to have made the signal even worse. I now cant pick up a single station and I would not recommend this antenna.

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