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Winegard PR-9032 HDTV Antenna Reviews

Winegard PR-9032 antenna reviews: 5
Winegard PR-9032 average rating: 4.6

Excellent 4 reviews
Good 0 reviews
Average 1 reviews
Poor 0 reviews
Very Poor 0 reviews
Winegard PR-9032 antenna

Band: UHF
Placement: Outdoor
Amplifier: No
Range: 50 miles
Color area: Blue
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Winegard PR-9032 reviews to 5:

Winegard PR-9032 Review #0
Rating: 3 (average) Nickname: David Date: 2011-08-12
I have a old vhf - UHF radio shack antenna live about 50 miles from Chattanooga Tenn couple of their UHF station fades in an out thought i would give the 9032 a try also bought a winegard cc7870 couple stacked the 9032 together with my old antenna about 4 foot above my old antenna 1 down lead no difference even tried it by itself my old radio shack antenna done just as good maybe better i will say this the antenna is built well easy installed may be my location i do live up high im out $84.00 dollars an about 3 hours work.

Winegard PR-9032 Review #1
Rating: 5 (excellent) Nickname: anonymous Date: 2011-02-22
Summary: Great Antenna!
I had a UHF-VHF long range antenna that blew down in a blizzard. I replaced it with the 9032 and my reception is better now than ever before. Madison stations, about 45 miles away, come in at 90% signal strength. Milwaukee stations, about 60 miles away, come in at 70 - 90%. With the old antenna I had problems receiving many of the Milwaukee stations. Now I can get them all, except channel 49, ME TV (which I couldn\t get before either). I\m getting more stations and stronger signals than ever before! I would recommend this antenna to anyone looking for a stronger UHF signal.

Winegard PR-9032 Review #2
Rating: 5 (excellent) Nickname: anonymous Date: 2009-11-14
Summary: Excellent Antenna for the Price
The PR-9032 is now called the HD-9032. I replaced a Winegard HD-8800 eight bay bow tie antenna with this model. Now I do not have problems with pixelation. I get all of the local stations at 100% signal strength and I am about 30 miles from the transmitters. The antenna is well constructed and easy to install. The reflector simply snaps open and locks into place. Then you bolt it to your mast if installing it outside and run your cable drop. I am also using an Antenna\s Direct PA-18 preamplifier which is also simple to install, just plug one end it at the antenna and keep the power supply safely in the house.

Winegard PR-9032 Review #3
Rating: 5 (excellent) Nickname: anonymous Date: 2009-02-23
Summary: Great results
I decided to try out this antenna to help and alleviate issues with signal drop-outs. I currently have two Winegard PR-8800 UHF bowtie models. After swapping one of the PR-8800 models with the PR-9032, I am now receiving signals higher than ever before. I am able to easily receive stations from 70 miles with 80% signal strength, and the antenna is mounted in my attic.

Winegard PR-9032 Review #4
Rating: 5 (excellent) Nickname: CT TV Dxer Date: 2008-04-22
Summary: Good Directional Yagi at a good Price
I recently replaced a Channel Master 4228 8-bay with the PR-9032. I wanted to raise the antenna another ten feet above the roof but was concerned about the weight of the 4228. I had a Winegard available and the antenna was much lighter than the Channel Master, so I installed that one instead. It works great! In the first two days with the raised 9032 I've seen four new DTV stations: two in Providence, one farther east in Norwell and my first Albany NY DTV (WTEN ch26). No doubt the 4228 is great, but don't discount a large yagi like the 9032, especially if you are concerned with high winds blowing it down. The gain and the directivity are there.

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